Nottingham Heroes and Villains Tour

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ADDRESS: Nottingham Heroes and Villains Tour
The Salutation Inn
Maid Marian Way
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Nottingham Heroes and Villains Tour

Touring the key sites of interest in the City, you will hear fascinating and intriguing tales of Nottingham’s past, focusing on the principal characters of interest throughout time - Nottingham’s “Heroes and Villains”! And we of course look in detail ‘behind the legend’ of Nottingham's most famous character, ROBIN HOOD! (but is he ‘Hero’ or ‘Villain’?).

Far from just ‘the dry bones of history’, our professional story-tellers weave their tales of the flesh-and-blood characters who have left their mark on this legendary City, both ancient and modern.

Our stories cover the Nottingham Castle area, Brewhouse Yard and the Trip to Jerusalem, the medieval street plan, the old Market Square, the Lace Market, St Mary’s, the old Shire Hall and more! We explore some of Nottingham’s colourful literary connections including Byron, Lawrence and ‘Peter Pan’. We also visit ancient sandstone caves at The Salutation Inn, and discover the very reason for Nottingham’s existence. Robin Hood is associated with many locations in the City and his tales are woven around those of our other ‘Heroes and Villains’.