Nottingham Ghost Walk

Nottingham Ghost Walk
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Looking for: Heritage, Outdoor Play Areas
Address: Nottingham Ghost Walk
starts at The Salutation Inn
Maid Marian Way
Postcode: NG1 6AJ
Kids Activity: Outdoors
Telephone: 01623 721003
Website: Click Here

Welcome, fellow spirit, and join us, as we reveal the ghostly secrets of this ancient city of Nottingham! In the shadows of the Castle, in a graveyard, and underground in the living sandstone rock, we weave our web of chilling tales. Rich and poor, noble and treacherous, young and old, Nottingham’s ghosts all await you (quite literally – there have been many ghostly sightings on our tours). Ghostly screams, gory executions, haunting history, they are all grist to our ghoulish mill. Our excellent ‘street-theatre’ has been chilling the spines of locals and visitors alike since 1993, and both guests, and ghosts, continue to be evermore enthralled.