Laser Labyrinth

LOOKING FOR: Active, Childrens Activities
ADDRESS: Laser Labyrinth
Kilton Road
TELEPHONE: 01909 531100
Laser Labyrinth
We have intense games for Regular players to basic Team and Solo game’s for the new players.If you enjoy playing Laser Tag in our arena you might like to join our members.

1. Discounts on regular games.

2. Be able to Log on to your Laser tag pack easily with your name 
displayed on your phaser and score board.

3. Invites to Members only Nights and play some of the more 
advanced games.

4. Level up by earning experience points (XP) as you play.

5. Get Achievements depending on what games you play.

6. View your game play anytime on-line or on the members terminal at the centre.


1 game £4 per person
2 games £7 per person
3 games £9 per person
Kids Club £6 per person
Twilight Zone £7 per person
Party booking starts at £11 per person, plus 2 adults go free.   

Opening Times: 

Monday to Friday 12pm to 7pm
Saturday 10am to 9pm
Sunday 10am to 7pm
(Can open later if pre booked)