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ZSL London Zoo - Regent's Park
See what's new at London Zoo. Indulge your senses and engage your mind and with so many exciting animals, a day at London Zoo offers the ultimate back to nature experience and supports the active conservation of many amazing species. Watch out for the Happy Families area, where you can see meerkats keeping an eye on their neighbours from rocky outcrops. Watch the playful otters swimming gracefully underwater as they chase each other in and out of the pools and waterfalls. Visit the tapirs and see them enjoying their new pool in their indoor enclosure or see the endangered tamarins basking in the sunshine in their new outdoor enclosures.

Learn more about the many ongoing conservation programmes that the zoo is involved in. You can experience conservation in action with a trip around B.U.G.S (biodiversity underpinning global survival) - an innovative exhibition dedicated to conservation and explanation of biodiversity. Get first hand experience of over 600 species of amazing animals including lions, tigers, primates, giraffes and many many more. Watch the penguins and pelicans embarking in some fishy goings on at feeding time.

Younger visitors (or the young at heart!) can enjoy an encounter with farmyard favourites at the touch paddock in the Children's Zoo. Experience our 'Animals in Action' display - 30 minutes of flying, foraging and leaping action with animals showing their amazing natural skills and abilities,with all this on offer, there is something for everyone.

ZSL London Zoo has had an Aquarium since 1853, and has a fascinating history. Separated into three different halls, which are home to different types of fish, the Aquarium is involved in many different conservation projects and breeding programmes.

The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) is a charity devoted to the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats. ZSL London Zoo has over 750 species of animal, from the smallest monkey to the tall giraffe Adopt an Animal Animal Adventure Children’s Zoo For an amazing animal experience for all the family come along to Animal Adventure, ZSL London Zoo's new £2.3m exhibit Animal Adventure, our new children's zoo, allows children the chance to immerse themselves in the sights, sounds, smells and experiences of life in the animal kingdom This brand new family attraction lets children climb, tunnel, splash and touch in a special environment that brings fun and learning to life. Animal Adventure Game Conservation ZSL runs conservation programmes in Britain and over 80 countries worldwide.

The conservation of wild animals and their natural habitats is fundamental to our mission. We work with local communities to conserve their environment and promote sustainability. Keeper for a Day This amazing Keeper for a Day experience gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with some of ZSL’s most popular animals, and also offers a unique insight into the day-to-day life of our keepers and their charges. Budding keepers can try their hand at tasks such as feeding the giraffes, mucking out rhino, cleaning the penguin pool and going behind the scenes at the big cats, all of which makes a day to remember for any animal lover! Education Discover what you can see and do on your visit to ZSL London Zoo, as well as details on how to book and the Mayor of London's funding of free visits to the zoo. School visits to ZSL London Zoo Adopt and Animal At ZSL we know that love is in the hair, so why not treat your family and friends by giving them something ‘especially fur you’ and adopting an animal. Find out more about your favourite animals by getting an exclusive behind the scenes look, come visit them at the zoo and get regular emails telling you what they have been up to. It’s like owning a zoo, but with none of the poo! Best of all, this is the ideal gift for animal lovers, as your money supports our important conservation work around the world.