York Dungeon

York Dungeon
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Looking for: Heritage, Museums / Galleries
Address: 12 Clifford Street,
Postcode: YO1 9RD
Kids Activity: Indoors
Telephone: 0190 463 2599
Website: Click Here

Attraction Information:
Take a trip into the past and discover Europe's darkest moments. Blood-curdling screams, groans and clashes of steel ring through the York Dungeon. Investigate if you dare!

Dick Turpin
Discover the true story behind the world's most famous highwayman, Dick Turpin, at The York Dungeon. Find out why the infamy of this daring criminal has lasted almost 300 years.

Ghosts of York
Afraid of Ghosts? You will be when you enter the Ghosts of York experience. A sense of malice and danger builds in the darkness around you before a pale, translucent figure suddenly appears!

Guy Fawkes
Remember, remember the 5th of November; gunpowder, treason and plot! Follow the explosive story of Guy Fawkes, from the traitorous plotting of his accomplices to destroy king and parliament through to the relentless torture after his capture.

Implements of Torture
A mischievous torturer will put the fun back into pain! Stretching your imagination with some back-breaking interactive torture treatments! You may just laugh till your head falls off!

Judgement of Sinners
This 17th century judge knows exactly what you've been up to, the court isn't impressed and the punishments will be harsh! You could be left to languish in the rat infested Dungeon or be given a gruesomely fun task to perform...

Labyrinth of the Lost Roman Legion
Enter the Labyrinth of the Lost at your peril! Buried beneath York Minster, discover the ancient fortress of Roman York and Emperor Constantine.

The Black Death
The York Dungeon is host for the return of the most devastating and horrifying disease Europe has ever seen. The plague wiped out over 24 million people, almost half Europe's population at the time!!

New for 2009 - Vikings
Herded into the forest by murderous Vikings, don't look back!