Wick Heritage Museum

Wick Heritage Museum
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Address: Wick Heritage Museum
The Wick Society
18-27 Bank Row
Postcode: KW1 5EY
Kids Activity: Indoors
Telephone: 01955 605393
Website: Click Here

Little is known of the early history of this Northern Scottish town but there is ample evidence in the surrounding countryside of Neolithic/Bronze Age settlement and the shelters and defences of succeeding Ages. However, it was the Vikings that gave Wick its name (from the old Norse vik = bay).

Although King James the VI of Scotland made Wick a Royal Burgh in 1589 it was not until the beginning of the 19th century that the town began to realise its potential. By 1860 it had grown to be Europe's premier herring fishing port. The town's development around the fickle fortunes of fishing is a remarkable story of vision, good planning, investment, courage, hardship and industry.

Wick's Heritage is graphically documented in - an award-winning Museum - a beautifully restored 19th century fishing boat - the unique 'Johnston Collection' revealing 112 years of social history captured by a family of local photographers - and much, much more!