Velocity Trampoline Park

LOOKING FOR: Active, Childrens Activities
ADDRESS: Velocity Trampoline Park
Unit 1 Easter Park Bennetts Lane
Shell Green
TELEPHONE: 0151 424 8613
Velocity Trampoline Park
Velocity Trampoline Park has over 160 neatly connected trampolines ideal for bouncing, practising flips and keeping super fit and smiling! Ideal for active families and children over 4 years old.
Bounce around on over 90 tramps just in the free jump zone, then explore the rest spread between the stunt jump foam pit, the slam dunk basketball court and the dodgeball court! Extreme Dodgeball is held 5pm to 8pm Mondays so be sure to book ahead! Under 12s must have a grown up on site at all times but happily spectators are free if you don't fancy jumping (though you should try it at least once!).

Free Jump £9 an hour per person
Dodgeball £14.99 per person
Toddler Time:
Toddler £5 per hour
Parental assistant £5 per hour
Club Velocity £15   

Opening Times: 
Open daily with differing session types so be sure to use our link to check ahead before you book!