Tumbletopia - World of Stones - Wadebridge

LOOKING FOR: Childrens Activities, Heritage
ADDRESS: Bradfords Quay
TELEPHONE: 01208 895255
Tumbletopia - World of Stones - Wadebridge
The attraction is centred around the Tumbletopia cave. The floor of the cave is covered with thousands of polished gem stones which visitors can collect and take home with them. How will you choose ? - the prettiest, the most valuable or simply those that you are most drawn towards.

After this you can visit Prospect Place - an old time Western mine where you can pan in the mine stream for gold or sift through the mine carts for hidden gems. You may even find one of the beautifully cut emeralds, rubies or sapphires.

The Discovery Zone is free to enter and has displays about the stones available in Tumbletopia. You can even discover about some of the fossils hidden in rocks and the rich and varied geology of Cornwall. Visitors to the Discovery Zone can also purchase accessories to make their own jewellery and key rings with the stones and beads provided.

The recently opened craft shop offers unbeatable prices for a wide range of craft supplies

Imagine stepping through a cave entrance and finding yourself in the depths of the earth, surrounded by tens of thousands of brightly coloured, highly polished gem stones sparkling up at you from all around.

That's exactly what happens when you visit the Tumbletopia cave.  Better still you will be given an organza collectors bag before you enter and you are welcome to fill it with your favourites to take home with you.

And with  over 70 varieties of semi-precious stones, including tigers eye, rose quartz, garnet, peridot and amethyst, you will be spoilt for choice. Take your time and enjoy finding the brightest, prettiest,