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Looking for: Outdoor / Active, Sports & Leisure
Address: Treezone
Postcode: PH22 1QH
Kids Activity: Outdoors
Telephone: 01479 811426
Website: Click Here

Your journey in the TreeZone starts with the TreeCreeper Course. Once we've equipped you and attached you to our safety system, you can set off along the course. This aerial adventure gives you a taste of TreeZone's challenges without being too far from the ground.  Complete the twelve TreeCreeper obstacles and then you can pit yourself against the Buzzard!

The Buzzard Course is not for the faint hearted! It's much higher with a lot more to get to grips with. Climbing to the Buzzard's Nest fifteen metres above the ground, you'll end the course flying down a massive Zip Wire running the whole length of the TreeZone site.

We've installed the revolutionary Speedrunner safety system so you're always secure even when you're dangling fifteen metres up!

Participants must be at least 7 years old and 1.1m tall.  The height limit for the Buzzard is 1.3m. The maximum weight for participants is 18st 12lb (120kg).