The Wendover Mystery Treasure Trail

LOOKING FOR: Sightseeing
ADDRESS: The Wendover Mystery Treasure Trail
Wendover Library
TELEPHONE: 01872 263692
The Wendover Mystery Treasure Trail
The Wendover self guided themed Treasure Trail,is just one of many Treasure Trails which we’ve written in Buckinghamshire and is a great way to explore for the whole family.
Follow the directions and solve the answers to the clues within your Trail booklet and throughout this mystery walk you’ll be getting closer to discovering whodunit! 
Can you and the Kids (6 years plus) solve the clues which can be found on anything from a historical plaque to the numbers on a drain cover?! You’ve got to look high and low to solve this 3 hour Trail, but trust me you’ll certainly find more than you were looking for! 
Visit the Treasure Trails website and get exploring Wendover today!

£6.99 per Trail (not per person). One Trail booklet recommended for a group of 4 to 5 people.   

Opening Times: 
Trails are self-guided and can be instantly downloaded from our website. Follow the Trail, solve the clues and see the sights on any day of your choosing. There is no need to phone us for opening details. All Trails are designed to be completed in daylight and that is your only restriction.