The Race Club UK

The Race Club UK
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Looking for: Active, Childrens Activities
Address: The Race Club UK
Units 1 to 6 Commercial Road
Postcode: NN17 5XG
Telephone: 01536 660515
Website: Click Here

Attraction Information:
From cork screw turns and hairpins, to the big sweeping bend that 
takes you up 'Damon Hill'. The challenging hairpin that leads you 
back down through to Monaco tunnel is a unique track feature!


Over 8s from £15
Over 14s from £20
Race Cob Membership from £30   

Opening Times: 

Monday to Saturday 9am to 8pm
Sunday 9am to 8pm
Peak times: Bank Holidays, Friday 12pm until Sunday 6pm.
Off peak: Sunday 6pm until Friday 12pm