The Metrodome

LOOKING FOR: Childrens Activities, Sports & Leisure, WaterFun
ADDRESS: The Metrodome Leisure Complex
Queens Ground
Queens Road
TELEPHONE: 01226 730060
The Metrodome
Have a fun filled session in the metrodome waterpark.  With waves in the lagoon pool, three great white knuckle rides and two slides for the young 'uns.

Through term time the waterpark is available without the white knucle rides.  This is the ideal time for a leisurely swim in the lagoon pool or to bring small children.

The three white knuckle water rides are Space Bullet, the Terrorship 3000 and the Alien Mountain.  Also Space Base for younger children.

Swim for fitness - Swim for fun!  Our variety of swimming programmes cater for all your different swimming requirements.  Either young or old, for fitness or fun, we've got something for everyone.

POOL SAFETY: A responsible person aged 16+ is required in the pool to supervise a maximum of 2 children under 8 years old.

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