The Manx Aviation and Military Museum - Malew

The Manx Aviation and Military Museum - Malew
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Address: The Manx Aviation and Military Museum
Ronaldsway Airport
Isle of Man
Postcode: IM9 2AT
Kids Activity: Indoors
Telephone: 01624 829294
Website: Click Here

The Museum opened on the 11th November, 2000 to the delight of MAPSs' members and guests, and was the culmination of 6 years of hard work. Upon entering the building one finds themselves in a room with a counter leading through to 3 main exhibition rooms which can be browsed at leisure. These have been arranged to represent militaria, civil, and wartime aviation. There are also exhibits lining the walls of the corridors. As one wanders around looking a such objects as a Vickers machine gun and tripod, a Bren gun, mannequins in uniform, the history of aviation on the Isle of Man, models, wartime stories and facts, photographs and recovered aircraft crash parts etc., all protected behind toughened glass, wartime music is played. Apart from the entrance room and counter with books, videos and models for sale, there is a diorama of the Isle of Man hung on the wall showing wartime installations and markings of crash sites, a sponsors' Thank You board, a television and video playing topical videos, and other exhibits are scattered around the room. And there is a kitchen and toilet facilities available as well. Before arriving at the main entrance one passes by a Nissen Hut which houses the contents of the former MacClellan Hall building at Tromode, which was the Regimental Museum of the Manx Regiment. Visitors can sign the Guest Book and leave a donation if they desire in a converted ammo box as there is no charge for admission anymore. If they have any artefacts which they would like to donate to the Society, they can do so at the counter, or they can loan any item to the Society for display. There are artefact donation and loan forms under the counter, just ask. The Museum is manned on a rota by volunteer members of the Society who have given up their free week-end time.