The Crafty Potter

The Crafty Potter
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Looking for: Childrens Activities, Creative / Learning
Address: Unit 3 Ground Floor
Bridge Court
Little Hoole
Postcode: PR4 5BF
Age Group: All Ages
Kids Activity: Indoors
Website: Click Here

We are a pottery painting studio with a huge choice of bisque to paint. We also have two potters wheels and clay making activities.

You can make a bear, name it and take it home with you in a backpack.

We are a family run business with an emphasis on fun and value for money. We pride ourselves on a flexible approach and listening to our customers.

Create your very own furry friend!

The only difference is that our Bears prefer to be hand stuffed than let a machine do it!

With a great choice of animals from our cuddly Bear factory, you can bring your very own loveable toy to life and take it home in its own special back pack.

How it works..

    Choose your style of bear
    Fill it with your bag of stuffing
    Choose your very own satin heart and place it in the back before fastening it up (no stitching)!
    Complete your Bear’s birth certificate
    Take your new born bear home in its very own backpack!

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