Strawberry Field

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ADDRESS: 16 Beaconsfield Road
Strawberry Field
Explore the inspirational place behind the hit Beatles song

    Discover the real-life location that inspired one of The Beatles' most beloved songs, Strawberry Fields Forever
    Explore the Strawberry Field former children's home, and use a multimedia guide to bring the building's inspirational history to life
    Learn about the facility's most famous visitor, a young John Lennon who used to scramble and play about these very gardens!

Helping thousands of children and inspiring one of the Beatles' most-loved songs? Not a bad resume! Get a ticket for Strawberry Field's remarkable exhibition, and discover the local history behind the ruby-red gates of this famous Salvation Army building.

Use a handy multimedia guide to explore archival footage, admire photographs that document the history of the facility and its most famous young visitor – a must for Beatles fans!

Strawberry Field is also home to the 'Imagine More' Café, where guests can enjoy delicious locally sourced breakfast, afternoon tea, Sunday lunch, hot drinks, and more, in warm, welcoming indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Before John Lennon was a world-famous musical icon, he was a curious young boy who liked to play in the garden of the nearby Strawberry Field children's home. On this self-guided tour, you'll explore this corner of cultural history, and learn about the place that inspired one of the brightest young artists of the 20th century.

From the famous red gates (which were once stolen, and promptly returned by the unsuspecting buyer), you'll tour the inside of the house, and learn about its decades-long mission to help the vulnerable youth of Liverpool. You'll also hear plenty about John Lennon's affinity for the building, and even explore the gardens where he used to play – and presumably come up with early versions of hit songs!