Shetland Nature Cruises

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ADDRESS: Brydon Thomason, Midhouse, Northdale, Fetlar, Shetland.
TELEPHONE: +44 1595 69 3434
Shetland Nature Cruises
Your guide, Brydon Thomason, is a born and bred Shetlander, with an intimate knowledge of Shetlands abundant wildlife but also the Shetland way of life. So often, an experienced guide with local insight is the difference between a good trip and a really special one - and making that difference is something that Brydon sees as a highlight of his job Being well known throughout the isles, They are able to tap into the information networks of both amateur naturalists and wildlife professionals, as well as having close links with the local community, in particular fishermen - essential for maximizing the chances of seeing creatures such as whales and dolphins. This ensures that, with Shetland Nature Cruises and Tours, you are always ahead of the game.