Scalextric Racing

Scalextric Racing
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Looking for: Transport
Address: Scalextric Racing
Angies Plant Centre
Weston Hills Road
Postcode: PE12 6NE
Telephone: 01775 725415
Website: Click Here

Well... Now is your chance to race around these world famous race 
tracks without having the risk of personal injury, thanks to Electric 
Tracks Ltd we bring you Scalextric-Racing.If you are looking for a 
Birthday venue or somewhere to have a your Corporate meeting we 
can help or just come and have a race!With 6000 Square feet of floor 
space we can accommodate a wide range of requests for whatever 
the occasion.We are also a registered collectors centre for Scalextric's 
and carry a vast amount ofcars and sets on stock as well as a small 
supply of collectors centre rare cars.


Series 1: £6 per racer 
Series 2: £8 per racer   

Opening Times:

Monday Closed. 
Tuesday 11am Open : Last Race 5pm 
Wednesday 11am Open : Last Race 5pm
Thursday 11am Open : Last Race 5pm 
Friday 11am Open : Last Race 5pm 
Saturday 11am Open : Last Race 5pm 
Sunday 11am Open : Last Race 4pm Close At 5pm.
During Lincolnshire School Holidays Opening Times: 7 days a week.