Safe Play Centre - Preston

LOOKING FOR: Indoor Play Areas
ADDRESS: Safe Play Centre
Unit 61 Roman Way Industrial Estate
AGE GROUP: Toddlers, 3-5, 6-9
TELEPHONE: 01772 793681
Safe Play Centre - Preston
Our idea of the Safe Play Centre was born after the realisation that there are very few safe indoor play areas for very young children and even fewer safe indoor play areas for those with special needs. We felt this had to change.

We also wanted to create an environment where the whole family would benefit from the eldest to the youngest members. Grandparents with possible disabilities of their own could get pleasure from watching and joining in play with their grandchildren, siblings of children with special needs could enjoy extraordinary facilities to play with alongside their brother/sister and parents could have piece of mind in that their children were safe and secure whilst having a fantastic time. We feel we have achieved this and are very proud to have created a setting where children both with and without disabilities can thrive in a safe and secure environment.

Our facilities include: a sensory room containing various sensory pieces of equipment including an interactive bubble tube; a soft-play area with large ball-pool, cabin and interactive musical hopscotch; a free-play area with further play equipment and nominal soft seating for those who need to rest whilst others play!