Rogue Bowling

LOOKING FOR: Active, Childrens Activities
ADDRESS: Rogue Bowling
Unit 6 The Point
Gatehouse Way
TELEPHONE: 01296 330567
Rogue Bowling
Rogue Bowling is a classy spot for a bit of tenpin: a fantastic game for families as generally it's anyone's win, especially once you add in the gutter guards, ramps and light balls to help give the kids an edge.

There's no glow in the dark bilge here, no madly loud music, no hoards of teens (mid week, anyway!): it's very much a family alley and you'll find clean stuff and a great atmosphere. Ideal!
There are also bowling clubs and league competitions to get stuck into if you're really knocking them down.
Also nearby is the Rogue Racing Go Kart Track! Karting is a great fun family experience, whether its adults verses children (please note, there is a 1.3 metre height restriction to drive a kart) or just to see who can complete a lap in the fastest time: loads of fun!

Adults from £5 first game, kids from £4, with multi game discount.   

Opening Times: 
Daily 10am until late (at least 10pm).