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Looking for: Childrens Activities, Childrens Clubs, Creative / Learning
Address: Perform
49 Chalton Street
Postcode: NW1 1HY
Other Venues: Venue's all over London, South East and the South West
Age Group: 3-5, 6-9, 10+
Kids Activity: Indoors
Telephone: 0845 400 4000
Website: Click Here

Drama, dance and singing workshops for 4-8 and Perform Plus for 8 – 12 year olds to help develop confidence, co-ordination, communication and concentration skills and guaranteed to be the best fun your child will have all week. From January to April 2014, Perform children will set off on a thrilling Wild West adventure to find The Horse with the Golden Mane. Your child will learn the “Ghost Town” song, dance the “Hip Hop Hoedown”, meet Chief Sitting Bull and take off rafting down Banjo Creek. As well as weekly fun, there’s a sticker poster, a CD of songs and stories and a special script to help your child rehearse for the end of term performance. For a sneak preview of the songs and dances. Whilst Perform Plus children will join Robin Hood and his gang, The Merry Men, in an action-packed battle between the outlaws of the Sherwood Forest Estate and the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham. Featuring funky urban beats, an outrageously evil King John and a pumping glitterball disco finale, this new version of Robin Hood has been specially adapted into a witty and energetic show perfect for 8-12s. And best of all, the children won't notice how much they are improving their social skills along the way. All interested children are entitled to a Free Trial Session.