Peak Llamas

Peak Llamas
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Looking for: Childrens Activities
Address: Peak Llamas
Stanley Moor Farm
Great Hucklow
Postcode: SK17 8RL
Telephone: 07739 763636
Website: Click Here

Stanley Moor Farm is nestled in the heart of the Peak District and
has been our home since 2004. We’ve steadily built up our collection
of animals, starting with a few hens and a couple of orphan lambs,
and we’re now sharing our life with over 80 pets – oh, and 3 children!


The Chatsworth Trek (A):
£50 per adult. £80 per couple. 
Children go free but must be supervised (ratio of 1 adult for every three children).
Car park charge of £2   

Opening Times:

Treks are offered at a variety of times and dates.
Peak Llamas is open daily 9am to 5pm.