Museum of Mazes

Museum of Mazes
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Looking for: Heritage, Museums / Galleries
Address: Museum of Mazes
Symonds Yat West
Postcode: HR9 6DA
Kids Activity: Indoors
Telephone: (0)1600 890360
Website: Click Here

Attraction Information:
hedge maze, with a romantic temple at the centre and over a kilometre of hedge planted by Lindsay and Edward Heyes in 1977.
Find your way then play! The maze is a great place to play tag with all the family. Not up to running around? Play by stealth! There’s a viewing platform for calling directions... but who do you trust?

It’s not too difficult to have fun, but if you are up for a serious challenge, investigate the history of the labyrinth at the Museum of Mazes. With their myths, maths, mysteries and magic, it’s all hands-on puzzles about making mazes. How about a maze with just one path and no hedge? Well, the earliest mazes were never intended to be puzzles for people... they were used as traps for evil spirits.

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Discounted tickets including the Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo are available, and Wye Valley Miniature Golf rounds at half price when you visit the aMazing Hedge Puzzle.