Laser Adventure and indoor Crazy Golf

Laser Adventure and indoor Crazy Golf
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Looking for: Childrens Activities, Indoor Play Areas
Address: 50, Alexandra Road,
Postcode: DN35 8LE
Age Group: 10+, Teens
Kids Activity: Indoors
Telephone: 01472 602186
Website: Click Here

A futuristic, action packed adventure game where each player is armed with a laser pistol. Two oppositial teams compete against each other in a multi-level labyrinth maze filled tunnels, smoke, secret trap doors, slides, robots and moving targets. Only the team with the greatest wits, skill and cunning will emerge victorious! With unlimited lives, no matter how many times you get shot your never out of the game so the action is always moving and fast paced.

Lights, smoke, shutes, tunnels, rope swings, cargo nets and pumping music makes 'The Labyrinth of Doralia' one of the most adrenaline rushing, heart racing experiences ever!

Adventure in different worlds
Family experience
Full party programme incl food
Team or group adventures
Open 7 days