Laxey Wheel

Laxey Wheel
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Address: The Great Laxey Wheel and
Mines Trail
Off Mines Road
Laxey, Isle of Man.
Postcode: IM4 7NL
Age Group: All Ages
Kids Activity: Indoors and Outdoors
Telephone: 01624 648000

Laxey Wheel and Mine Trails

One of the Islands best known land marks the great Laxey Wheel or also called ‘Lady Isabella’ was built in 1854 to pump water out of the lead and zinc mines.

The wheels diameter is 72.5 ft making it still the worlds largest water wheel and a testament to its ingenuity. The pump attached to the wheel is capable of pumping 250 gallons of water a minute.

The visitors can climb the spiral staircase view the wheel in all its glory, The wheel has under gone substantial renovation recently to maintain its appearance.

The mines employed over 600 workers and the mine trails are a pleasant walk to take in the picturesque sights around the Laxey area and the sections of the mines. There plenty nearby facilities for food and drink and also the electric tram services stop at Laxey making it highly accessible during the high

Opening times:
1st April to 26th October 2003, 10am-5pm

Adults £5
Children £2.50