Laser Land

Laser Land
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Looking for: Active, Childrens Activities
Address: Laser Land
Kem Mill Lane
Whittle Le Woods
Postcode: PR6 7EA
Telephone: 01257 23 42 87
Website: Click Here

Laser tag is the cool zero combat game sweeping the country! Players don infra red laser equipment and enter an atmospheric arena, with the simple aim of zapping the others before they zap you.

And after! The missions vary between solo quests and team efforts so you can choose a playing style that suits your numbers and confidence levels.

It's open to kids aged 6 years and over, but be warned there are special effects and immersive atmospherics in this cosmic themed arena, so although they’re seriously cool the beginners and nervous types might appreciate you saddling up as wingmom.

It's loads of fun for grown ups too, and you'll be surprised how little advantage the age difference gives you in the arena!

Play from around £4 with loads of deals and packages on offer.   

Opening Times: 
7 days a week from 10am, with games scheduled every 30 minutes until between 5pm and 6.30pm.