Jersey Zoo

Jersey Zoo
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Looking for: Animals & Farms, Zoos & Wildlife
Address: Les Augrès Manor
La Profonde Rue
Jersey, Channel Islands
Postcode: JE3 5BP
Age Group: All Ages
Kids Activity: Indoors and Outdoors
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Our wildlife park is an essential component of our mission to save species from extinction.

Durrell focuses on the most threatened species in the most threatened places. Our dedicated staff at the wildlife park use their skills to care for highly threatened species and support conservation efforts around the world. By visiting the park you will see some of the most endangered animals in the world and learn about our projects in the field.

Gerald Durrell, the organisation’s founder, had a vision to create a stationary ark where animals in need of protection could be kept and bred. Today, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust has gained a worldwide reputation for its pioneering conservation techniques and has made a significant difference to more than 30 endangered species worldwide.

Our knowledge and expertise, along with that of our partner organisations extends far beyond our headquarters in Jersey. We work in some of the most threatened environments on the planet, focussing on the rarest species and the most fragile habitats.