Highfields Happy Hens - Etwall

Highfields Happy Hens - Etwall
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Looking for: Animals & Farms
Address: Heage Lane
Postcode: DE65 6LS
Age Group: All Ages
Kids Activity: Outdoors
Telephone: 01283 732083
Website: Click Here

Attraction Information:
Feeds the animals and visit the shop Hundreds of young people have had their lives radically changed over the 16 years that Highfield Happy Hens has been in existence. We have lost contact with many of them – although their time with us was life-changing, we recognise that we are also part of a past that, understandably, they do not want to remember. Happily, we do get phone calls and surprise visits from those we have helped, months or even years later, thanking us for giving them space to deal with their problems.

The Highfields experience is a like chain reaction – we have thousands of chickens producing thousands of eggs each and every day. Those eggs need to be collected, counted, packed and delivered. Even the most damaged young person can find a place where they can fit in and feel useful, and our staff have the time to talk to them in an atmosphere of love and healing.