Heatherslaw Light Railway

Heatherslaw Light Railway
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Looking for: Outdoor / Active, Transport
Address: Ford Forge
Postcode: TD12 4TJ
Kids Activity: Outdoors
Telephone: 01890 820 244
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Attraction Information:
Lady Augusta was built under contract with the workshops at the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway and entered service in 1989. Although she is quite small she has successfully pulled up to 100 passengers a trip for 21 years.  She will continue to haul regular services but the introduction of our new locomotive ”Bunty” has given her the opportunity to take a well-earned rest! Lady Augusta is named after Lady Augusta Hay (1766-1822) of Etal Manor who philanthropically employed local people during hard times to construct a carriageway from Heatherslaw along the riverbank to Tillmouth, connecting the various water mills along the route.  This route can still be walked today; see the signs at the old ford at Etal village.