Dublin – Wooly Ward’s Petting Farm

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ADDRESS: Whitestown, Oldtown, Co. Dublin
TELEPHONE: 087 3676787
Dublin – Wooly Ward’s Petting Farm
Wooly Ward’s Mobile Petting Farm

Wooly Ward’s Mobile Petting Farm will give your child a memorable experience that they will talk about for months afterwards.

A visit from Wooly Ward’s Petting Farm to your garden is a fantastic party event. It has been specially designed to work in a normal garden setting. They bring with them pigs, goats, lambs, hens, chicks, rabbits and lots more to you. The animals will perform in shows such as “No More Tricks” and “Sleepy Jack” and you will get a chance to lead, feed, groom and pet the stars afterwards. After the party food there is lots more fun "Wooly Ward's Petting Farm"with animal quizzes, painted animal tattoo’s and the animals love a sing song especially when the songs are about them!

Wooly Ward’s Farm Weekend Visits

Why not bring the family out for a couple of hours to visit the farm. Visit includes a one and a half hour guided tour, with free refreshments afterwards. Price €10 per child and €6 per adult.

Open 2pm – 5 pm Saturday/Sunday from March 23rd!
Office Hours: 10am - 5pm, Mon - Sat