Daventry Country Park

Daventry Country Park
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Looking for: Parks & Gardens
Address: Daventry Country Park
Contracts House High March
Postcode: NN11 2JB
Kids Activity: Outdoors
Telephone: 01327 877 193

Attraction Information:
Daventry Country Park - History Daventry Country Park was created in 1968 as part of the nationwide Countryside Act. This movement sought to provide communities with green spaces to use and enjoy. The reservoir (130 acres of open water) was dug out and completed in 1804, taking eight years to finish.

The original purpose of the reservoir was to feed the Grand Union Canal and it is still used for this purpose today - this is why the water levels fluctuate outside of normal environmental factors. Daventry District Council rents the site from British Waterways. The circular path was the first and only access around the lake and was built by a community service team in the early years.

The park expanded in 1994 when the new road (Northern Way) was built. Areas that had previously been inaccessible were opened up to the public. This area is now known as Wild Acres and features the Community Orchard.