Cruachan Visitor Centre

Cruachan Visitor Centre
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Address: Cruachan Visitor Centre
Postcode: PA33 1AN
Kids Activity: Indoors and Outdoors
Telephone: 01866 822618
Website: Click Here

Situated amongst some of Scotland's most beautiful scenery, lying deep within Ben Cruachan is one of the country's most amazing engineering achievements.

Hidden deep within the mountain of Ben Cruachan on the shores of Loch awe is Cruachan Power Station.

Here, a short distance from Oban, you can discover one of the hidden wonders of the Highlands. A power station buried one kilometre below the ground.

At its centre lies a massive cavern, high enough to house the Tower of London! Here enormous turbines convert the power of water into electricity, available to you in your home at the flick of a switch.

The hollow mountain is a place like no other. An underground world on a spectacular scale.