Cornwall Gold

LOOKING FOR: Active, Childrens Activities
ADDRESS: Cornwall Gold
Tolgas Mill
New Portreath Road
TELEPHONE: 01209 203 280
Cornwall Gold
Crazy Golf: they have a cool 9 hole crazy golf course, with every hole presenting different fun challenges.

There's a gift shop with toys, crazy sands and their find-a-fossil feature!
Piskie Panning: Piskie Panning lets the kids sift sand with a traditional gold panning pan to reveal cool little gems and other hidden treasures!
Tolgus Tin Mill: see exactly how we smelt the tin ore extracted from the stream which runs through this charming park; witness firsthand the awesome power of their stamping machinery and learn all about the keen ingenuity of the men who cleverly extracted tin from simple sand, mud and water.
The Bear Works: the old wood timber Works you'll find a vast array of bears, and other creatures who will just melt their hearts and spring open your wallet! Help make your new furry friend, pick a funky outfit from their amazing accessories range and even add a voice box! Then slip in a secret wish star and create your new friend's birth certificate!

Free entry, and many of the attractions are free. The rest is Pay and Play!   

Opening Times: 
Open: 9.30am to 5.30pm all week.