Chesters Bridge Abutment - Hadrian's Wall

Chesters Bridge Abutment - Hadrian's Wall
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Looking for: Heritage, Historical
Address: Chollerford, Hexham, Northumberland, NE46 4EN
Postcode: NE46 4EN
Age Group: All Ages
Kids Activity: Outdoors
Telephone: 0370 333 1181
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Attraction Information:

Close to Chesters Roman Fort in Northumberland are the remains of a Roman bridge across the North Tyne.
On the eastern river bank you can see evidence of two successive bridges:  an early one that just carried Hadrian's Wall, and a second, much larger one, that carried the Military Way - the road that serviced the Wall.
This fine bridge, one of the most remarkable survivals on Hadrian's Wall, proclaimed the power and prestige of the Roman emperor and his empire.

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Before You Go

Access: The site sits alongside the North Tyne river and be accessed along a footpath off of the B6318.
A small gate sits just before the traffic lights and this leads to a path that runs along the old railway line, parts of which is uneven and can become muddy.

Parking: There is an English Heritage managed car park at Chesters Roman Fort, a 20 minute walk from the Bridge Abutment along the roadside.

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Plan a Great Day Out

Check out Chesters Bridge Abutment as part of the Chesters Roman Trail.

The Bridge Abutment is roughly a 15-20 minute walk from Chesters Roman Fort.
The Fort includes Chesters Museum, the impressive bath house remains and a tearoom. There are also toilet facilities, a picnic area and gift shop.

Opening Times
30 April 2017 - 24 March 2018

Open any reasonable time during daylight hours
25 March 2018 onwards

Opening times will be available nearer the time