Cawfields Roman Wall - Hadrian's Wall

Cawfields Roman Wall - Hadrian's Wall
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Looking for: Parks & Gardens
Address: Haltwhistle, Hexham, Northumberland, NE49 9PJ
Postcode: NE49 9PJ
Age Group: All Ages
Kids Activity: Outdoors

Attraction Information:
At Cawfields is a dramatic stretch of Hadrian's Wall on a steep slope, one of the highest standing sections of the Wall.
Within its length there are turrets and an impressive milecastle, which was probably built by the Second Legion.

Before You Go

Access: There is a short steep climb to the site from the car park.

Parking: Cawfields is one of the easiest Hadrian's Wall milecastles to reach by car.
There is a Northumberland National Park car park next to the site, not managed by English Heritage. Tickets are transferable between other Northumberland National Park car parks along the route of Hadrian's Wall.

Facilities: Toilets can be found in the car park.

Plan a Great Day Out

Cawfields is located almost six miles away from Housesteads Roman Fort, English Heritage's flagship site on Hadrian's Wall. Here you can stand on the edge of the Roman Empire and marvel at the 360 degree views.

For an extended day out, try the Housesteads Trail that includes Cawfields along with Winshields Wall, Walltown Crags, and Sewingshields Wall.

Opening Times
30 April 2017 - 24 March 2018

Open any reasonable time during daylight hours
25 March 2018 onwards

Opening times will be available nearer the time