Brookside Miniature Railway

LOOKING FOR: Parks & Gardens, Outdoor Play Areas
ADDRESS: Macclesfield Road
TELEPHONE: 01625 872919
Brookside Miniature Railway
The Brookside Miniature Railway first opened in 1972 and was 5 inch gauge. It was changed to its present gauge in 1989. The route was originally a balloon loop. In 1999 when the railway extended to the other side of the garden centre, it gave a much longer. Trains run from a four platform country station called ‘Brookside Central’ and then travel round a broad circuit passing through two tunnels and crossing over three bridges. In 2007 the line extended once again to include a new circuit at the back of the centre. There is a museum inside the station building with a large of collection of railway memorabilia. Trains are pulled by a variety of steam and internal combustion engines. There is a Midland Railway signal box and also 2 drive your own tram tracks on site.