Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park

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ADDRESS: Pershore Road
TELEPHONE: +44 O121 4727775
Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park
Located on Pershore Road, two miles south of Birmingham City Centre, the Birmingham Nature Centre homes a wide range of animals, both European and from across the world. These animals include many charismatic and exciting species like Red Pandas, Meerkats, Lemurs and Otters. The centre has a wide collection of endangered reptiles, and it plays an important role in international breeding programmes for them

The Nature Centre is gradually changing its focus from a collection of various animals to housing endangered species and focusing on animal conservation and captive breeding programmes. This will give people a chance to see an increasing amount of rare and exotic species in Birmingham. The Centre will continue to develop further by improving the quality of the enclosures, and enriching the living environment for the animals.
Whether you are interested in animal conservation or just having a fun day out with the family, the Birmingham Nature Centre offers something for everyone. Come and see the exciting and fun animals. We're nearer than you think!

The Birmingham Nature Centre views the opportunity to see living animals at close quarters in naturalistic enclosures as an excellent tool for increasing public awareness about species conservation and biodiversity. The Nature Centre emphasises on the importance of education through pro-active educational and interpretative techniques. It wishes to raise awareness of endangered species, sustainability, biodiversity and environmental issues

Opening times:

10am to 5pm daily during Summer Season
10am to 4pm weekends only during Winter Season