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Birdworld - Underwater World & Farm - Farnham
Birdworld and its facilities provide an excellent and ever expanding educational resource for schools and educational establishments. Our Education Team strives to promote an understanding of all birds and animals. This is done through fun and interesting talks in the park, for example: Penguin Feeding Talk the Birds of Prey Tour, the Safari Ride with informative talk and a special talk in the Heron Theatre. All of these shows aim to demonstrate how birds adapt to their environment and exist in their own natural habitat. They are therefore designed to capture interest and imagination.

Underwater World:
A Magical Journey from a tropical mountain stream, through Jungle Swamps to the colourful world of Marine Reefs in warm seas.

In Underwater World we have marine exhibits from the Caribbean, Indian and Pacific oceans. These oceans are vast bodies of water which include a hugely diverse range of ecosystems, from the shallow coral reefs to the open ocean and beyond into the abyssal depths.

The majority of our displays represent ecosystems from the shallower coastal reef waters.

Reef formation starts when stony corals die and leave behind their calcareous skeleton. Other corals and sponges settle on this and form, over many years, vast reefs. The reefs attract numerous fish as they provide both shelter and food. Thus, a diverse and thriving community is created. Our marine displays attempt to show 'snippets' from some of the world's shallow water communities.

Adult £15.95
Under 3 £FREE
Child 3 to 6 £12.95
Child 7 to 15 £13.95
Family £49.95
Concession £13.95
Other seasons the prices are lower, please see website.

Opening Times: 2015 Opening Details:
We are open from 10am until 6pm BST (March 29th to October 25th inclusive) and 10am until 4.30pm during GMT every day. Last admissions are an hour before closing.