Baulk Wood

LOOKING FOR: Outdoor / Active
ADDRESS: Baulk Wood
Langford Road
TELEPHONE: 0300 300 6941
Baulk Wood
Baulk Wood is owned and run by Central Bedfordshire Council and is helping develop the site in partnership with Henlow Conservation Society and the Ivel & Ouse Countryside Project for the benefit of people and wildlife


The site was once a rubbish tip and part of it was planted with a range of broadleaved

and coniferous trees like Oak, Maple and Scots Pine. More recently shrubs and bulb such as Guelder Rose, Hazel, Broom, Snowdrops and Bluebells have been planted alongside the surfaced path.


In 2003 the woodland was extended into the field with over 750 trees planted by local volunteers. Paths and access points have been created and benches installed to relax and enjoy the site. Wildflowers have been sown in the meadow area to provide a good wildlife habitat and help pollination.


Further tree planting continues to expand the woodland southwards, but still leaving much large areas of open grassland.


This site is a clear help and development to the local native wildlife Kestrels can be seen hovering over the meadow area hunting for small mammals like mice and voles. The combination of woodland and grassland also makes this a good site for the Green Woodpecker. Blackbirds, Robins, and Blue-Tits are seen in the wooded areas hunting for food like worms and insects.


The prevalent Grey Squirrel lives in the wood in the autumn and bury their nuts for the winter. Rabbits and Stoats live on the site and Foxes regularly visit to hunt.


Both woodland and meadow are visited by several butterfly species, speckled wood and large white and bumble bees and beetles also make their living here too.



Opening Times:

Year round daylight access. Car park gets pretty busy early mornings and late afternoons with dog walkers.