Barrow Hill Roundhouse Railway Centre

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ADDRESS: Campbell Drive
Barrow Hill
TELEPHONE: 01246 475554
Barrow Hill Roundhouse Railway Centre
Barrow Hill Roundhouse was built in 1870 as a maintenance centre for steam locomotives. Engines were repaired, watered, coaled and turned around here. This required a turntable with lines of track called 'spurs' set around it.

The name roundhouse originates from the conical roof that these buildings used to have. In the 1860's the roundhouses grew larger and lost their conical roofs but kept their name. When the age of steam drew to a close, many roundhouses were shut down and demolished. However, Barrow Hill became an engine shed for the diesel locomotives used to move coal from the local mines. It was closed in 1991 by British Rail and was due to be demolished. Thanks to a local Society set up to save it, Barrow Hill remains the only operational roundhouse in Britain.

Today, Barrow Hill Roundhouse Railway Centre houses one of the largest collections of diesel, electric and, of course, steam locomotives in the country. It holds several open days during the year and has special events at Christmas.

Opening Times


Adults - £1.00 Children - 50p
Charges apply on special event days - further details on the Barrow Hill Roundhouse website.

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