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Alton Towers Theme & Waterpark - Staffs
Alton Towers Resort is the UK’s leading short break resort, offering a extensive range of rides, attractions, hotels, restaurants and much more, for the whole family to enjoy together.

Unleash a torrent of thrill ride roller coaster fun at the fantabulous world of the Alton Towers Resort! 

The origins of the Towers themselves date back to the 8th century, although the theme park and hotels are slightly less historic! Follow the links below to learn a little more about our history, our place in the Community and our parent company, the Merlin Entertainments Group.The rides and attractions are open from 26 March - 6 November. There is something for all thrillseekers and families, with tons of terrific rides, blockbusting attractions, amazing live shows, and weird and wonderful costume characters.

Notable for its extreme rides, including:
  • Nemesis, Europe's first inverted roller coaster, a roller coaster in which people hang with their legs dangling down (or up depending on orientation) from the floorless ride cars.
  • Oblivion, the world's first vertical drop roller coaster.
  • Corkscrew a ride with two inversions which many riders find uncomfortable due to the rough track. This is the oldest roller coaster at the site, built in 1980.
  • Air, is a flying roller coaster, the world's first flying coaster, in which riders find themselves suspended horizontally facing down, as though flying.
  • Rita - Queen of Speed, which can take riders to 100 km/h in approximately 2.5 seconds. It was opened on 1 April 2005
  • The Smiler: New for 2013 - The Smiler is the world's first 14 looping roller coaster!
  • TH13TEEN :The ultimate in white knuckle thrill rides - every ride you've ever dreamed of in one
  • Air: Float, swoop, soar and dive. Feel the exhilaration of being weightless. You're flyin!
  • The Blade: Experience zero gravity as you swing up and down. Sit at the back if you're really up for a thrill ride!
  • Ripsaw: Take your seat aboard Ripsaw, and see if you're lucky enough to stay dry!
  • Enterprise: Spin around and around - upside down in this classic ride

For the little fellows there is Cbeebies Land of rides and attractions with postman pat, fun shows and youngsters rides.